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Niagra the natural erection pills

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Niagra is one of those products that either works for you or it doesn’t. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, so this review will be some what a little more brief than the others. I tried on many occasions, because I thought there must be something that I am not doing right. But that wasn’t that case, I was taking at exactly the recommended dosage. I even tried calling the help line, who in fact actually do answer their phone, not like a lot of companies out there. They gave me some helpful tips on how I can insure that I was doing all I can to make these erection pills work for me. But alas nothing seemed to work. So I sent them back for a refund which they happily did. So the full out come of these Niagra Erection Pills is as follows, although they didn’t work for me, and other products have, is mainly down to the fact they the active ingredient obviously did not sit well with my body and I will be in future looking at other products to make sure they do not have this ingredient in them also. Overall I am giving these pills an average score because I did receive some libido increase while taking them, just not a full erection reaction as I was hoping.


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